The power of social media. Its all about getting your work and name out there. I’m very privileged to have the support of the local community around me, widening my audience and getting behind my projects.
I am very humbled and grateful to do what I do. So thank you.


Phil 2

  • After returning home form an artist in residence in the biggest international school UWCSEA in ¬†Singapore. Virginia from Live Magazine spends some time with the artist himself as he settles back into ‘work’ mode.

Burn Baby Burn

  • Burn Baby Burn. Heading to Wellington for the New Zealand Art show and taking some pretty impressive work with him. Take a look at Phil’s latest Wood burn series here:


  • Utopia Festival. Musicians, street artists and sculptors collaborate together to create and showcase their talents.

Huatoki eels

  • Brightening up the central business district. Huatoki Plaza has been lit up by electric eels.


  • Recent Powerco commission. New mural for Opunake with weighty message.

Centeral and South America

  • After 4 months travelling through Central and South America. Jones has certaily left his mark.

South America exhibition

  • Addiction is dedication exhibition. Raising funds for 4 months through South America.