A few newspaper articles I’ve featured in. I’m very privileged to have the support of the local community around me, widening my audience and getting behind my projects.
I am very humbled and grateful to do what I do. So thank you.


Burn Baby Burn

  • Burn Baby Burn. Heading to Wellington for the New Zealand Art show and taking some pretty impressive work with him. Take a look at Phil’s latest Wood burn series here:


  • Utopia Festival. Musicians, street artists and sculptors collaborate together to create and showcase their talents.

Huatoki eels

  • Brightening up the central business district. Huatoki Plaza has been lit up by electric eels.


  • Recent Powerco commission. New mural for Opunake with weighty message.

Centeral and South America

  • After 4 months travelling through Central and South America. Jones has certaily left his mark.

South America exhibition

  • Addiction is dedication exhibition. Raising funds for 4 months through South America.